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Contemporary British artist living and working in the UK

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Art Baho Art Fair in Barcelona 23-27 September. three pieces by me in this show with Barcelona Gallery Nou Milleni. Click see more for images of the works

Summer studio cum winter packing shed, so lovely at this time of year, especially in the sun. Click see more for an image of two works in progress.... in the long grass......

On now until 9 September. If you are in Cornwall this summer Penzance is a treat for contemporary art and artists. Click See more for some images of the show

I found this in my images archive recently. I placed a grid on a patch of grass and photographed it daily. The grid disintegrates as the grass grows. See more for larger image

Opening today, England & Co showing one of my early works, Conduit. It features a rather prosaic set of photographs of two measuring beakers with varying amounts of liquid. I measured the amount of water I drank and the amount I peed out over the course of several days and photographed the results. Minor, but good to be included in such a great collection of works. www.photolondon.org @photolondonfair

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